Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Would you like some coffee with that?

So he came home, and all is well now. He has however expressed some discomfort with the nick name I've given him here on the blog. I suspect he feels that it doesn't represent him very well. So, I have to think of a new nick name for him. I really like the nick name DivaKnits uses for her boy: CoPilot. I haven't figured out if he really is a co-pilot or not, but it is still a very cool nick name. Sadly the Boys line of work doesn't make a very cool nick name: computer guy in bank. Totally uncool. If you have got any suggestions I would love to hear them.

He(the one formerly know as the Boy and currently without nick name) brought home some stuff: horrible (he thinks so too) synthetic stuffed animals from Universal Studios (they all went on Wednesday - not a vacation my b...!), the Ipod Nano and American candy. Hersheys chocolate and Pretzel Flips.

Pretzels covered in white fudge! Need I say more? Would you like some coffee to wash that down with? I wonder if these have ever been featured on super eggplant.

I hurried up and finished the fingerless mitts, because I had seen
this article about frosty weather on DMI, the Danish Meteorological Institute, and they are always very dependable, especially concerning yesterdays weather. But now they are promising 20+ degrees (Celsius) the next days, and I guess I have to wait a while to try the mitts out on the bike. But I am currently testing their blogging abilities ...

...they work just fine. Keeps the hands nice and warm, but leaves the fingertips free to type. I think they might come in handy in my new cold dark north facing office.

Specs: The pattern (nr 8 from Drops 93) was, if no well written, then easily understandable. I knitted the mitts on 2.75mm DPNs instead of the 3mm DPNs the pattern calls for. The fit is prefect, but I do have very small hands. The yarn is Arwetta, soft and strong, and I used a little less than one skein. I highly recommend these fingerless mitts!

I spend the afternoon speed knitting, and now the third and fourth sleeves of CC are done. Didn't really use a lot more yarn than the first time I knitted them, but they do seem bigger. I'm sure they are bigger. They are bigger. I mean if I knitted them a size larger, they must be larger? That is how it works, right?Bigger size equals bigger sleeves?!

Tonight I will sew the pieces together (again) and by tomorrow I should be ready to pick up the googolplex stitches that will be the large collar. Finally some lace!

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