Sunday, September 18, 2005

Home alone 2

...but not for long. The Boy will be home in just a few short hours. And it is about time too, because I've really missed him. I don't think I could have a long distance relationship, but I do admire people who can make it work. I don't think it would work for me is because for me it's not the special occations or the celebration of events or the vacations that makes a relationship work. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want be without all that, but I think it is the everyday that makes my relationship, the kiss I get every morning, the request for a bag rub I get every evening and the uneventful being togetherness.
This afternoons being togetherness will certainly be uneventful, the Boy will sleep, he's still on LA time, and I will be quiet and do my homework, maybe just knit a row or two on my new project

Mette, I decided against a trip to Nicoline Garn. Instead I dove in to the stash (good girl!) and found some yarn to start a new quick project with.
But first I finished these:

The Broadripple Socks.
Mismatching, but I love them still. I think if I were to knit them again I'd use a yarn with just a little more elasticity. That way it would be possible to use the needle size that the pattern calls for, and not the 3mm I used for the cuff and the 2,5mm I used to knit the rest of the sock.
Banana seems to like them too.

The new project is some fingerless mitts, pattern nr. 8 from Drops nr. 93. Their patters aren't terribly well written but this one isn't too bad. I'm knitting them with Arwetta sock yarn, from the stash!! I made pretty good procgress on the first mitt yesterday.

This yarn might be a new favorite of mine. And I really have to hurry up and finish the mitts, it's getting cold riding the bike in the mornings.


Mette said...

Jamen, de SKAL ikke passe sammen! De er skønnt og jeg må se at komme i gang. Der er lige en hæklet kant på et sjal. De fingerløse vanter har jeg også kig på!! G' søndag. k.h. Mette

Cassie said...

The Broadripple socks look great (what yarn did you use that wasn't elastic enough?).

I think being apart is the hardest to handle when you're used to being with someone - I love the way you described the ordinariness of 'uneventful being togetherness'.

Vivian said...

Total fede strømper, dejlig uens, lige som det skal være :-))

KH Vivian

Rineke said...

Dejlige fingervanter ser det ud til! O ja, du har ret, kold vejr er et udmærket påskud for mere garn!!

Lolly said...

Your socks are beautiful! I have not tried that pattern. I am really getting into socks though, so it will probably be soon! ;)

and those mitts are pretty too!