Thursday, September 01, 2005

How to spend the last day of summer

Today is the last day of summer for me, tomorrow I start school again. I'm looking forward to getting started again, the summer has been wonderful and long, but it is time to get those brain cells working again. Because if it is true that we loose 10 IQ points every week of vacation... yikes...I must be as dumb as a door. Fortunately it seems that the points I might have lost during my vacation in July and August have no impact on my knitting abilities. Phew!

The weather here is warm and sunny, but has the crispness of a fall day. I know just the way to spend this last day of summer.
1. A long morning of blog reading.
2. Lunch with the Boy - he's working from home today.
3. A bike ride to the library to pick up books by Paul Auster, Daniel Silva, Jasper Fforde and of course a knitting book by Sarah Dallas. (Vintage Knits! Finally, I've waited forever for this book.)
4. Prepare for first day of school by reading the semesters reading list. (It would be too much work for this lazy lady to actually read the article we were supposed to have read by tomorrows class...)
5. And finally... sit on the balcony in the sun with Banana, books, cool drinks and knit some more on the Broadripple sock.

Some progress has been made on the sock since this picture was taken yesterday, but the battery in the camera is dead... I really like the striping the yarn makes, all though I'm sure it will be impossible to make the second sock look the same. But that really is the joy of self striping yarn, no?
Yesterday I added a new sock pattern to my "to knit soon" collection. The Elfine's sock, designed by the fashionable Anna. Isn't it cool that she's got plants that match the color of her socks? Note to self: Buy more sock yarn!

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