Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ripple and cable socks

Is there anything more comfortable than a pair of home knit socks?

I finished the Rib and Cable sock from the latest InterweaveKnits the other day. They are knit with "Baby og Hosegarn" in a bright green color. The color representation is more accurate in the first pic. The yarn isn't terribly soft, but I rather like the fabric it creates. It also makes the cables look very pretty, I think. Knitting these socks was the perfect reason to learn how to cable without a cable needle, and Grumperinas most excellent tutorial taught me how to, in just a few minutes. Thanks! About the pattern, I had to change the turning of the heel a bit. I tried, but the yarn overs just didn't work for me. The toe was new for me as well, but it turned out much better than the heel. These socks are wonderful and I will probably knit them again.

Tonight I'm casting on for the Broadripple Socks from Knitty. I was reminded of this pattern when I saw Knit Flix gorgeous socks last week. Gotta love the name of the colorway. I will be knitting mine with some Tobbi baby jacquard I picked up at the LYS last Friday. The yarn is a strange mix of cotton, wool and acrylic, but it seems quite soft, and the colors remind me of summer days.


Lauren said...

those socks are LOVELY! I just started socks, so I don't know if I am quite ready to jump into something like that... they are truly beautiful! Good luck with the Broadripple socks :)

thank you for visiting my blog!


Bogie said...

Nice work! Thanks for the mention in your blog.