Monday, August 29, 2005

First times

First post on my blog and my first two hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. Too exciting! I've been wanting to try both blogging and Lorna's Laces since I started reading blogs a year ago. My encounter with Shepard Sock is going to be pleasant I'm sure. This stuff really is soft and mushy. Sadly I can't get it from any LYS in my part of Euro-land. These two hanks I got from Getknitted. I've been visiting Getknitted regularly over the last six months, window shopping, trying to decide which colourway of the Shepard Sock to get or whether to get some Koigu or Cherry Tree Hill instead... so many choices. Finally last Tursday I made up my mind when I saw the Valentine colourway, yum! The package arrived Saturday - very speedy shipping I think - with the newest Vogueknitting. I bought the Vogue because of the cabled patterns, I've been searching for something cabled to knit for a while now and I had hoped that the perfect one would be in the Vogue, but... no. I've also considered Kepler, the latest hot free pattern on the blogs. It is a really beautiful sweater, but I'm looking for something with cables ALL over. More like the Must Have Cardigan, well, except for the v-neck. Wonder if it is difficult to change the v-neck to a round neck?? In the five years I've been knitting I've never changed a pattern that radically, but today is all about first times, perhaps I should take a look at the pattern one more time? Really, how hard could it be?

About my encounter with blogging, well I just don't know. Only time will tell.

That's it... my first post is done, Lorna's Laces await me.

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