Friday, September 02, 2005

Chocolate covered

Yeah, I got my first comment. Thank you Lauren! The past year I've been reading a lot of blogs, but I've never wrote comments on any of them. I know... Hi, my name is Lazy and I'm a lurk-aholic! No, seriously I found it weird to comment on blogs, when the owner of the blog had no way to check me out. But now that I've got my own blog, five days and counting, I'm able to send people back here to find out whether I'm a weirdo or not (No, I'm not telling, you'll have to keep reading!). And now that my lurking days are over, and I've experienced how much fun it is to get a comment on my blog, I'll be sure to get the Lazy comment out on the blogs as often as I can.

Broadripple sock #1 is done!
By the way, that is Banana leaving the picture. He's not as photogenic as the lovely Lucy of Wendy Knits. Never mind Wendys amazing lace knitting, Lucy is the real star of that blog.
Broadripple sock #2 will have to wait a while...

This is the pretty thing that is going to keep my lazy hands busy the next weeks.
Chocolate Cover is not the original name of this shrug/cardigan/bolero - Sjælevarmer med stor krave (Shrug with large collar!) is.
But I can not possibly knit or wear anything with such a lame name. The color of the yarn is warm and chocolaty, thus, Chocolate Cover is born!
The pattern and yarn is from HP garn, bought from the nice ladys at Nicoline Garn. The yarn is called Iceland, 50% wool, 15% alpaca and 35% acrylic. So far the yarn has been good to work with, even if it still a bit to hot to knit with wool.

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Mette said...

Kære "Lacy".
Jeg vil gerne spørge dig om noget, så hvis det er ok, kan du maile til mig på strikkehilsen Mette