Monday, September 05, 2005

Right or left?

The past days the questions of anonymity and why do we blog at all, has been discussed on several Danish knit-blogs. A lot of these bloggers, including myself, have decided not to tell our family, friends and co-workers about our blogging. (Check out Cassie's survey from last march!) Firstly because we know they don't care about knitting (the weirdos...), and secondly because we're a bit embarrassed because they think that blogging is for sad lonely internet geeks pretending to be someone they're not. But we (knit bloggers united!) all know that it is not true. We might be internet geeks, who spend too many hours in front of the computer, but we're not sad or lonely, and we certainly don't pretend to be something other than what we are - knitters! When we blog, we reach out to other knit bloggers, and connect with the real live people that are on the other end of our hyperlinks. We should all be proud to be bloggers. Then why don't I just spill the beans, and tell everyone I know that I blog? Well, I like the idea of having my own place where I can voice my opinions without censoring myself in order to protect friends or family - or even myself. So, what to do? Will I tell or keep my blog a secret? For now I'm keeping the secret...

Chocolate Cover is coming along nicely. The back is done, and I'm halfway though the first sleeve. No pictures, trust me, it really just looks like the first half of a brown sleeve.

Saturday I was browsing the magazine shop in Magasin, and I spotted this magazine. I've never
seen it before and I naturally had to get it - you know - just to check it out. I really like a lot of the models, but the magazine is in German. I have had lots of German during school but I'm pretty sure we never learned anything at all knitting related. I understand a lot of the words, but I do get confused when they tell me to knit rechts (right) and links (left). Is that German for knit and purl? Does anyone know of a German/English or German/Danish knitting vocabulary?

This lazy lady will greatly appreciate any kind of help, that will keep her from having to do the work herself. Why invent the hot water if it has already been invented?


Mette said...

Kig på Garnstudios hjemmeside. De har en ordliste, der indeholder tysk. hilsen Mette

Bettina said...

Jeg vil gerne hjælpe dig - er opvokset i Sdr.jylland, tysk er mit andet modersmål og jeg er i forvejen freelance oversætter af profession. Og ja, "links" er vrang, "rechts" er ret. :o)
(Og forresten: OPDAGET! *s*)

Jeanette said...


jeg har også lige 'opdaget dig', glæder mig til at følge med :-)

Jeg har ingen ordbogslinks, men kommer i tanke om at det tyske blad Rebecca kan købes i DK (fx i Sommerfuglen - er du ikke københavner?) med en dansk oversættelse som indstik. Der kunne man vel lære et og andet ved at sammenligne opskrifter på de to sprog.