Sunday, September 11, 2005

Home alone 1

I'm home alone, the Boy has gone away on business to do this. He claims that it is not a vacation, but I think that living here and having plans to spend monday at the beach sounds pretty much like a vacation to me. I hope he is not to badly struck by jetlag, but I know that a 9 hour time difference is a lot to deal with. He's probably going to be VERY tired today.
While he is away, I plan to get busy with some knitting. Yesterday I took pictures of most of my old knitting projects, the living room was covered in sweaters, socks and scarves, such a wonderful wooly mess! I actually took so many pictures that I had to stop mid way to recharge the camera battery. Banana found it more than a little odd, that I was standing on a chair in order to take pictures of knitted things laid out on the dining table. The Boy probably would have found it odd too, which, I'm sure, is why I haven't done it while he has been at home. Eventually these pictures will be uploaded to my Flickr page....
The last year I've scribbled a few words about every project I've knitted, some stuff about the pattern, the yarn or about pattern revisions I've made. I meant to type these hand written notes onto the computer and add a picture of the project, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it - until last night. And it really is time consuming, it took me 2 hours to write and print 8 project pages and I have lots more left to do. It really makes me wonder why I haven't done it from the beginning... Well actually I know why, I've just been Lazy!
Now I'm left wondering why I have this need to document every little sock and scarf I knit, is it because of my librarian training, or is it because knitting is such a great important part of my life, and I just can't risk forgetting the even the slightest of my knitting projects? I think it is probably both. The librarian in me craves order and control, and it is relatively simple to achieve this state with old knitting projects, unlike some other aspects of my life that are in utter chaos, and will remain that way for ever. The knitter in me would love to, at the end of a year, have a book filled with every project I've knitted during the year, sorta like knitting diary.

I finally finished the three pieces of Chocolate Cover. Here they are looking weird and rolly. I've pressed the pieces very gently, just to be able to sew them together. I think a regular blocking would have been better, but I was concerned about washing and blocking some parts of the sweater, when I have to add the collar, that for obvious reasons can't be blocked or washed before it has been knitted (the Lazy revelations of a Sunday morning!) . Ergo, the washing will have to wait.
So will the sewing however, I'm spending the rest of the day at the parents house, we were going to have the last barbecue of the summer, but I think the weather is looking rather too cold and autumnal. That is of course a very good reason to wear one of last years warm and wooly creations, for the first time this fall.
I'm bringing the second Broadripple sock, it is the perfect portable and conversation friendly project... Which reminds me, I think I've forgotten to set up a project page for these socks. I better go do that now.

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Bettina said...

Er du slet ikke det mindste interesseret i at dele din interesse med 360 andre danske kvinder på Nettet? :o) Yahoos' "Webstrik"-gruppe emmer af inspiration og det er en lettelse og bliver en besættelse at dele sin interesse med andre på den måde. :o)