Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chocolate frog

I have just been watching Bill Gates' speech at the PDC, mostly to try and see if I could spot the Boy in the audience. I had told him to wave if he was being filmed, but he was nowhere to be seen. The speech was pretty interesting, and there are lots of fun stuff to look forward to with the new Windows Vista and Office 12. I especially liked the brand new RSS features in the upcoming Office 12.*

Last night I sewed the pieces of Chocolate Cover together... Now it is just too bad that I'm not a pygmy. CC is just tiny. It's not that I can't fit into it... I just can't wear anything underneath it. Want proof? It looks like it has been painted on me. But the color is still so pretty!

Although I am a European, in Europe (!) I think it would be considered inappropriate to be nude underneath a shrug, no? So now that the nude option has been discarded, what I am going to do? I thought about giving it a very serious blocking, but have discarded that option as well, it is just not going to do the trick. That leaves me with only one option...frog it, rip it, tear it to threads!

Actually I probably only have to rip out the sleeves... that is not so bad is it? (She asked herself reassuringly with just a hint of desperation in her voice.) The back piece is ok - I guess I must just have really fat arms.
I haven't mustered up the strength to rip out the sleeves yet, not because it would be difficult to knit the two sleeves again, but because it sure is going to be boring. And I was really looking forward to getting started on that lacy collar. Mwah!

I've had an accident, it's not as funny as Stephanie's shampoo incident, but it did have something to do with a type of cleaning product... I'll just give you the short bullet point version.

  • Vent to buy groceries.
  • Bought milk, tortillas, chili beans, dish washing detergent, a potato peeler (and completely off the record - I did pick up some chocolate as well. Perhaps that is why I've got fat arms?).
  • Waited patiently (no, really I did!) in the looong check out line.
  • Put my stuff on the conveyer belt
  • Accidentally opened the bottle of dish washing detergent - but quickly closed it again.
  • While packing my things I realized that I had not actually closed the lid on the detergent.
  • Result: very slippery groceries.
  • Including a very slippery and sharp potato peeler
  • Result: the pealing of my thumb!

I left a trail of detergent and blood all the way (we live 200 m from the store!) from the store to the apartment building. You know, the Lazy version of Hansel and Gretel. The thing I don't understand is how I managed to NOT get any blood on my white jacket, when everything else was covered, the groceries, the keys, the mailbox and the mail. Must have been a freak of nature.

Now my thumb looks like this:

The 'paper towel and elastic band' is not my preferred type of bandage, but I've run out of band aids - and I'm not going shopping again!

There was practically no pain involved in the accident. But now that I've realized that I can't knit, because the huge bandages gets in the way, the pain is practically unbearable. Tut tut, and I was going to finish the second Broadripple sock tonight. But alas, there will be no knitting tonight at Chez Lazy.

I guess I could rip though...

*This is NOT an advertisement for Micosoft - I just liked some of their new features.

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