Thursday, September 15, 2005

The second first and second

So I finally did it. Made like a frog and ripped out the sleeves.

These sad looking little centerpull balls are the result of said ripping. But I'm proud to say that they are almost knitted away again. I've now got two half finished sleeves and just one little centerpull ball left. Knitting these two sleeves for the second time is just not my idea of fun. I felt pretty sure that my second trip to Sleeve Island would make me choke on the second second sleeve (in reality the fourth sleeve!), so I made a plan.

Pay attention now.

My Lazy logic told me that starting with the first half of the second first sleeve, then knitting the first half of the second second sleeve, then finishing the second half of the second first sleeve, would leave me with, when the second first sleeve was done, just one half sleeve to knit! Yay! Did you get it? Does it make sense? Well, it works for me. And if it seems that I'm making no sense at all today, well there is an explanation, I'll get back to that in a bit.

As we speak I'm finishing the first half of the second second sleeve, hoping to quickly move on to the second half of the second first sleeve.
And now you probably want to know if I did the proper thing and washed the ripped out yarn, to get rid of the waviness, before winding it into balls... ? Oh come on, you know I didn't. And, you ask, was that not a tad stupid? Why, yes it was. Do I care? Hmm, not really, I'm probably a knitting optimist, always sure that everything will be just fine, until I'm proven wrong (see post from September 13th.). Please don't prove me wrong this time, I won't survive knitting the sleeves a fifth and sixth time.

I want to knit fun pretty stuff like
this, love that color and this, love the alpaca. Must.Knit.Soon. Or perhaps the very pretty lacy Diamond Fantasy Shawl that everyone has been knitting lately?

As for not making any sense today, well, I can't be held responsible. I've been reading this all day! I've read it, but not understood it, and I desperately hope that I will get some things clarified during tomorrows class. If you have read and understood it, I would appreciate a short recap of it?!

This is a hoax no?

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