Monday, September 26, 2005

round and round and round and.....

I might just get dizzy from knitting round and round on the collar of CC and from working with Blogger pictures, has anyone else had problems with Blogger today? Anyway, it took me a while to figure out why the pattern told me to knit the collar back and forth instead of in the round. Take a good look at this picture. Do you see it?
I've circled (ok tried to circle it, it's hard without a mouse!) the problem area. The collar is not knit in the round because it is not round. It's open in the back, like a shirt collar, just in the back of the neck instead of the front.
Huh? Why? What were they thinking?
I honestly hadn't seen this... er... design feature earlier, because I naturally assumed that the collar would be knit in the round like Nanas bolero.
But of course,I couldn't live with that, so I knit it in the round anyway. I fiddled a little with the chart, left some stitches out and knitted away. I have been a little concerned that the collar will be too short, when worn, to go all around the shrug without stretching too much, but I can't be bothered to take the shrug of the needles to check it before it is finished, and now that I'm almost done, I think it will be fine.
Right now it look like this:
Well, you'll have to imagine what CC looks like now - Blogger won't upload the picture!!!!

Ok, I'm done with Blogger for tonight, they must be trying to drive me insane... and it is working! Mwah!


strikkeforsker said...

Hi Lazy,
Don't you just love when such details are not mentioned ;-)
I had the same experience with Frieda, Debbie Bliss, it was not exactly obvious from the picture that each sleve was knitted in three pieces and only connected at selected points.....
Anyway, your cardi is lovely.

Cassie said...

Wow, that's a really annoying omission. And I can't see it in the picture either.

Linda said...

Hi Lazy

Yep, troubles uploading pictures and saving drafts has been observed in the western part of the city as well....

By the way - you have been meme'd once - or perhaps twice?

zeusstrik said...

hvor har du det mønster fra??? den er da knaldhamrende lækker!!!med eller uden "hul i kraven"