Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lola sure is one fast girl. She has already written her meme!

Linda asked me a while ago, why my cat's name is Banana. When I first got him from Kattens Værn (cat shelter) two years ago, he had been named Gustav at the shelter. But a few days later I realizedd that it was just not the right name for him. With some help from my sister I decided that Rasmus would be a better name. Unfortunately that name didn't stick to him either, it just didn't sound right when I called out for him. And then the name Banana came out of nowhere, and it really is the right name for him and his big kitty ears. When I met T a year and a half ago,
he wondered about the name as well. He asked me: Do you call him Banana because he is not yellow? And yes, that is probably why!

No pictures again today. Is this what you get when you don't pay? Blogger-schmogger!

Hanne wanted to know some more about the CC pattern. The pattern is originally called sjælevarmer med stor krave. The pattern number is 14 05 58 05 and it is by HP Garn. I got the pattern from Nicoline Garn on Nørrebrogade, Kbh N, but you can get both pattern and yarn here. I'm using the original yarn Iceland from Løve, and I'm impressed with the yarn. The sleeves I reknitted look absolutely fine even though I didn't wash the yarn after frogging the two first sleeves.

I'm getting closer to finishing CC. I'm ready to pick up stitches around the wrist. Ok, done or done... um...I'm not quite sure that the collar is wide enough. I'd really like the two front corners (is it possible to have corners on something round?) to be able to cover my boobs without flattening them completely. But I'm playing it safe and will knit the two cuffs first, and then if there is yarn left over, I'll try and knit a few more pattern repeats on the collar. I tried it on yesterday, and it will be ok if I don't knit anymore on the collar, it'll just be more of a shrug than a cardigan.

Please let there be enough yarn to knit a wider collar!!!

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Mette said...

Hej Lacy. Jeg strikker også i Iceland p.t. og må sige, at jeg synes, at garnet er dejligt at strikke i OG prisen er god!!!! Det bliver ikke sidste gang! k.h. Mette